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Located right on the Hoboken waterfront, Pier 13 is the perfect spot for a bite to eat, great drinks, and a fun atmosphere on summer weekends. The Pier has a loyal following and is known for its collection of food trucks and Instagram-able views. But what takes a place like Pier 13 from good to great? A strategy stretching across both social and advertising. We utilized our market research and talented production team to implement a campaign that keeps Pier 13 putting their best foot forward year after year.

Framing The Narrative

Every brand has a unique story and identity; the key is telling that story to the correct audience. Through our market research and observations, we identified Pier 13’s target audience by gender, age and even location. This information can tell us exactly who we are trying to reach and what kind of content will grab their attention. Identifying the target audience makes social and advertising even more effective. 1 out of every 2 users that we drove to Pier 13’s website interacted with either the food truck menu or the drink menu, which can be attributed to compelling content and targeted ads driven to the right users.

Always Staying Relevant

Pier 13 social media is inactive during their off season from late September through early March. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t keeping track of social media trends. We take opportunities to create posts that are timely and trending to keep Pier 13 in the minds of users. Bernie Sanders helped us out with this one. A photo of Bernie Sanders in his mittens sitting at Pier 13 posted just at the right time (January 21, 2021) garnered over 4,150 likes and hundreds of comments and many shares. We keep a finger on the pulse of trends and know exactly which posts to create and when for our clients to best reach their target audience. Maintaining a marketing plan is so much more than running ads – it’s curating your entire social presence to peak the interest of your target audience. Our team is equipped with advertising, social posting, and content creation to help you every step of the way.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

This kind of success is acquired when a team is dedicated to producing results. We work with our clients until their content is perfected and reaching the right audience. We mix our expertise with our client’s goals to develop the most effective strategies.


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